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Step To Learning

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آخرین ارسال های انجمن

صحبت ومکالمه در مورد انجمن های دانشگاهی

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Fraternity and Sorority – Interactive Practice

انجمن دانشگاهی



قبل از مکالمه در این مورد بهتر است سوال و جواب هایی که برای آشنایی پرسیده می شود را یاد بگیریم



"Why should we let you in this fraternity?"
"I’m a fun person to be with, I have a good personality, and I like to have fun."



"What do you want to gain from your experience in a fraternity?"
"The most important thing is getting good memories of good times with good friends."
"Meeting people and making friends who like the same things I do. I also think it is important that the friendship goes even beyond the college years."



"What can you bring into this sorority?"
"My parents have a boat, and I can use it to have fun parties on it in the summer time."



"What are your hobbies?"
"I like to play basketball and football."
"I like to go shopping and have drinks with my friends."



"What do you usually do on a weekend?"
"I either throw a party or go to a party.



"Do you like to go to parties?"
"Hell yeah!"



"What type of music do you listen to?"
"Mostly rap, hip-hop, and top 40’s."


A: “Hey John. How are you doing?”
B: “I’m doing great. How about you?”
A: “Me too. I just finished moving into the dormitory. It seems alright.”
B: “Oh man. You should have joined a fraternity.”
A: “You’re in a fraternity? Which one?”
B: “I’m with Delta Tau Delta. It is going to be so much fun.”
A: “How much does it cost?”
B: “I have to pay $475 a month. It comes with two meals (a day) though.”
A: “Damn. That’s the same price I’m paying for the dormitory. How often do they take new members?”
B: “Every semester. When they start recruiting, I’ll be sure to let you know.”
A: “That would be great.”

A: “Hi, I was looking to join a sorority. Where can I find information about your sorority?”
B: “What would you like to know?”
A: “How many people are in this sorority?”
B: “We have 72 ladies so far. We have room for 28 more girls.”
A: “How often do you have parties here?”
B: “Only about once a month.”
A: “Do you provide meals here?”
B: “We provide breakfast and dinner every Monday through Friday.”
A: “Can I take a tour of the place?”
B: “Sure. I can show you around.”
A: “Wow. It looks great here. What do I need to do to get in?”
B: “You need to fill out this application, and then we will call you for an interview. If you pass the interview, then you will have to go through initiation.”

مکالمه در مورد هم اتاقی یا هم خانه ای

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Roommate – Interactive Practice

هم اتاقی،هم خانه ای


A: “Hi. My name is Jack.”
B: “Hey Jack. I’m Seth.”
A: “It’s nice to meet you.”
B: “Looks like we're going to be roommates.”
A: “Yeah.”
B: “So where are you from?”
A: “I’m from Tacoma. How about you?”
B: “I’m from Ontario.”
A: “In Canada?”
B: “No. It’s in California. It’s a smaller city in southern California.”
A: “So what made you come here?”
B: “I wanted to go to a different state.”
A: “I see. Hey, if you don’t mind, I took this side of the room.”
B: “No problem. They look the same to me.”
A: “Are you a morning person or a night person.”
B: “I’m a night person.”
A: “That’s great. So am I. I like to sleep in the morning.”
B: “That should work out well then.”


A: “Hi. I’m Sara.”
B: “My name is Jessica. It’s nice to meet you.”
A: “Yes. It’s nice to meet you as well.”
B: “Have you been here long?”
A: “I got here about an hour ago. Do you want me to show you around?”
B: “Yeah. That would be great. The most important is the bathroom right?”
A: “Definitely. But we have to share the bathroom with the whole floor. The break room is over there. The bathroom is right across from the break room, and finally, the RA (resident advisor) is in room 315.”
B: “I’m glad there is a TV in the break room. I like to watch TV.”
A: “Me too. So I brought one. I haven’t unpacked it yet, but it’s a little TV that works.”
B: “Cool. I brought a refrigerator. I like to store some snacks in there. Feel free to use it.”
A: “That would be perfect. I think we're going to have a great time.”
B: “Do you sleep pretty late, or are you a morning person.”
A: “I have never been either. I’m very flexible with sleeping times. Anyways, I’m a deep sleeper so a little noise never bothers me.”
B: “That’s good to know. I’m usually a night person, but I’m very quiet if my roommate is sleeping.”
A: “As long as you don’t blast the music while I’m sleeping, I should be fine. Did you eat lunch yet?”
B: “No. Is there a cafeteria in the building?”
A: “Yeah. I’ll show you.”

A: “I’m calling about the available room. Is it still available?”
B: “Yes it is. Do you know where we’re located?”
A: “Yeah. I drove by this morning and I liked the location. What’s the rent?”
B: “It's $850 a month. So you would pay $425 a month plus half of the bills.”
A: “How big is the place?”
B: “It’s a two bedroom, one bath and roughly about 800 square feet.”
A: “Is the complex pretty quiet? Can you hear a lot of noise or anything like that?”
B: “They have a strict policy in the apartment complex concerning noise level. So it stays very quiet after 10 PM.”
A: “Are you the only person who lives there now?”
B: “Yeah. I’m only looking for one roommate.”
A: “Everything sounds good. Can we schedule a time to meet so I can look at the place?”
B: “I’m available anytime today or tomorrow.”
A: “How about if I come over now?”
B: “That works with me. But what is your name?”
A: “Oh, my name is Brad.”
B: “Ok. I’m Randy. So I’ll see you in a bit?”
A: “Should only take about 15 minutes to get there.”
B: “Sounds good.”

سوال وجواب از هم اتاقی

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Roommate –  Questions and َAnswers

هم اتاقی



"Are you a night person or a morning person?"
"I’m a night owl. I usually sleep pretty late."



"What time do you usually go to sleep?"
"It varies. Usually between midnight and one in the morning."



"What time do you usually wake up?"
"I don’t wake up until I have to."
"I usually wake up at nine in the morning."



"Does the music bother you?"
"No not at all. I like it."



"Do you mind if I turn the stereo on?"
"Oh, feel free."


"Can I put my drinks in your fridge?"
"Sure. Don’t worry about it."



"Do you mind if I use your refrigerator?"
"No problem at all."  

مکالمه در مورد امتحان

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Examinations – Interactive Practice




A: “Did you already take the history exam?”
B: “Yeah. It was hard. When do you take it?”
A: “I take it tomorrow morning. There is so much material, that I don’t know what to emphasize on. What types of questions did you get?”
B: “Mostly on the civil war. You should also study the impact Martin Luther King Jr. had on American society.”
A: “How about Abraham Lincoln? Did you get any questions about him?”
B: “I only had 1 question about him. But you might get more. I don’t know if he will have the same exam or not.”
A: “Hopefully he will use the same exam, cause I’m going to spend most of my time studying the civil war. It is a huge section and that is what he lectured the most on in class.”
B: “If you can’t study everything, then that is probably the best way to go.”
A: “Aright. Thanks for the info. I gotta go to the library now.”
B: “Good luck.”
A: “Thanks. See ya.”

A: “Hey Jack. You look tired. What’s going on?”
B: “It’s finals week and I have been up all night studying.”
A: “How many exams do you have left?”
B: “Three more to go?”
A: “Have you been keeping up, or are you cramming everything?”
B: “If I was keeping up, I wouldn’t need to stay up all night.”
A: “Ha ha ha. Looks like you are in for a tough week.”
B: “Tell me about it. How about you? What have you been up to?”
A: “I finished my last final this morning.”
B: “Lucky bastard. So you're completely done?”
A: “No. I have one more report that is due this Friday. I haven’t started it yet, but it shouldn’t be too tough.”
B: “How many pages do you have to write?”
A: “It’s a 10 page paper on habitual behavior for psychology 211.”
B: “You wanna take one of my exams for me?”
A: “I would if I could, but you know that’s not possible.”
B: “Yeah, I know.”
A: “If you need help with your chemistry class, I can help you over the weekend.”
B: “That would be great.”
A: “Let’s get together Saturday around lunch time.”
B: “You don’t know how much this means to me. Thanks.”
A: “Don’t mention it. I’ll see you on Saturday.”

سوال و جواب در مورد زندگی دانشگاهی

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University Life – Questions and Answers



در زیر نمونه سوال وجواب هایی که معمولا در مورد دانشگاه پرسیده می شود را آورده ایم


"What high school did you attend?"


 "I went to Lynnwood High."
"Lynnwood High"
"I went to a high school in San Francisco."
"A high school in Olympia."


"What are you going to major in?"
"I haven’t decided, but I’m leaning towards biology."
"I’m thinking about majoring in psychology."


"How many credits are you taking?"
"I’m taking eighteen credits this quarter."
"I’m only taking 10 credits this semester."
"I’m taking 20 credits this semester.


"What classes are you taking?"
"I’m taking chemistry 135, math 231, and English 101."
"This quarter I’m taking Intro to Sociology, Basics of Music Composition, and Spanish 101."



"What year are you?"
"I’m a junior."
"I’m a freshman."
"I’m a fourth year junior."
"I’m a fifth year senior."

"What is an easy class to take?"
"Fishing 101 is an easy 4.0"
"I thought psychology 101 was an easy class."
"Communication is pretty easy if you're not afraid to make speeches."


"Where is the best place to hang out?"
"The best place to hang out is on the Ave."
"Currently, the bar on 4th and James is the best hangout. Everyone goes there on the weekends."



"Are you in the dormitory?"
"Yeah. I’m over at Terry Hall."
"Yes. At Buchanan Towers."
"No. I’m commuting from home."
"I have an apartment right next to school."



"Where do you live?"
"You know the McDonalds on the south side? Just 2 blocks from there."
"I live next to the west entrance. There are some apartments behind the dormitories."
"I live in the dormitory."
"I live in Seattle."



"Why did you decide to come to this school?"
"It was the most convenient."
"It was either this school or the University next to my home. I wanted to get away from home, so I came here."
"I researched a bit, and found that this school offers exactly what I am looking for."
"This is the best school that I could afford."



"Do you know where the music building is?"
"The music building is 2 buildings away from the library."
"Over by the fountain. It’s the building with the round looking doors."
"I’m not sure. There are maps in the Student Union Building though."
"I think it’s over in that direction, but not exactly sure."

صحبت در مورد زندگی دانشگاهی _ آشنایی با دانشجویان جدید

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University Life – Meeting New Students

زندگی دانشگاهی

در این بخش و بخش های آینده در مورد مکالمات مربوط به دانشگاه صحبت خواهیم کرد.

برای شروع سوالات عمومی که برای آشنایی با افراد جدید می توانید به کار  ببرید را آورده ایم


"Where are you from?"
"What high school did you attend?"
"What are you going to major in?"
"What are you majoring in?"
"How many credits are you taking this semester?"
"What classes are you taking?"
"What year are you?"
"What is an easy class to take?"
"Where is the best place to hang out?"
"Are you in the dormitory?"
"Where do you live?"
"Why did you decide to come to this school?"
"What made you choose Berkeley?"



جواب بسیاری از این سوالات را در مکالمات عمومی یاد گرفته اید ولی مرور آنها می تواند به یاد گیری شما بیشتر کمک کند


نمونه جواب


"Where are you from?"
"I’m from Seattle, Washington."
"I’m an exchange student from Seoul, Korea."
"I’m from Dublin, Ohio."
"I’m from Southern California.


مکالمه در مورد زندگی دانشگاهی

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University Life – Interactive Practice


A: “Hi. My name is Mark.”
B: “Mark? I’m Bill. Glad to meet you.”
A: “Yeah. So where are you from?”
B: “I’m from Houston Texas.”
A: “Oh… I’m from Southern California.”
B: “There must be a lot of cute girls over there huh?”
A: “Hell yeah. But most of them are hoochies.”
B: “That sucks. So, what year are you?”
A: “I’m a freshman.”
B: “This is my first year too.”
A: “So what made you decide to come to California for school? I hear Austin is a good school.”
B: “It’s aright, but I think Berkeley is better.”
A: “So is this where you wanted to come?”
B: “To tell you the truth, I wanted to go to Stanford. I made it on the waiting list, but ninety nine percent of the people accepted to Stanford go there. Like, who wouldn’t right?”
A: “Very true. But this is still a good school.”
B: “I’m not complaining. I just know that I wanted to come to California. Texas is cool and all, but I wanted to experience different things.”
A: “That’s good. Do you know what you plan on majoring in?”
B: “I was thinking about political science, but now I’m leaning towards English literature. How about you?”
A: “I plan on majoring in double E.”
B: “Do you know where the Smith building is? I have to pick up the syllabus for my psychology class. I missed the first day.”
A: “That’s a great start. It’s over there by the library.”
B: “It was nice meeting you.”
A: “Yeah. We should hang out later.”
B: “Cool. I’ll see you tomorrow in class then.”
A: “Aright. Later.”


A: “Hi. What’s your name?”
B: “My name is Jung Min. What’s your name?”
A: “My name is Jessica. It’s nice to meet you.”
B: “Yes. It’s nice to meet you too. Are you a new student too?”
A: “No. I’m a sophomore. I take it you are a new student?”
B: “Yeah. It’s pretty exciting to be here.”
A: “Have fun while it lasts. The excitement wears off real quick. Especially after you see how much homework you get. Where are you from?”
B: “I’m from Korea. My parents wanted me to go to an American university, so I came here.”
A: “I have never been to Korea. I’ve been to Japan before, but never Korea.”
B: “Why were you in Japan?”
A: “My father thought it would be a good experience to take a vacation to a different country. He's so into learning about different cultures.”
B: “That’s pretty cool.”
A: “I thought it would have been more fun if I went without my parents.”
B: “Well, if you ever want to visit Korea, I would be happy to show you around.”
A: “Thanks for the offer. I’ll keep that in mind. Oh, the professor is coming. We’ll talk more after class.”
B: “Ok.”


صحبت در مورد کلاس های دانشگاه _ثبت نام

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University Classes_registering for classes



در این بخش سوال و جواب های مربوط به ثبت نام برای کلاس های دانشگاه را آورده ایم





"Did you register yet?"
"When do you register for classes?"
"When does registration start for next semester?"
"How do you register for classes?"
"Where is the registration office?"


"What classes are you registering for?"
"What classes are you going to take?"
"What classes do you want to take?" 

جواب هایی که می توانید بدهید


"I haven’t registered yet."
"I register next Tuesday."
"Registration starts 4 weeks before the next semester."
"You register on-line. Go to the website, and click on register."
"The registration office is in Schmidt Hall. That’s right across the street from the statue."

"I’m not worried about getting into psychology 101, but I think the physics class will be full by the time I register."
"If all things go well, I plan on registering for English composition, chemistry, and calculus."
"I really want to take computer programming, but I’ll have to see if it is full or not." 


نظر ات معمول در مورد ثبت نام


"I hate registering for classes. All the classes I want to take are always full."
"Being a sophomore sucks because we register last."
"Seniors have the first pick so registering is easy for them."
"If I get all the classes I want to take, I’ll be so happy."
"Registration was great this time. I got all the classes I wanted."
"Registering for classes is such a big headache."

صحبت در مورد کلاس های دانشگاه _نمرات

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University Classes – Grades

نمرات دانشگاه

سوالات معمول 

, "What grade did you get in English?"
"I can’t believe I got a 3.1 in biology. What did you get?"
"How was your GPA this semester?" GPA stands for Grade Point Average.
"How were your grades this quarter?"
"Did you do well this semester?"
"Did you screw up your grades this semester?"
"What was the lowest grade you ever got?"
"What is your overall GPA?"
"How are your grades?"
"What’s your accum?"


جواب های معمول


"In English, I got a B+."
"I got a 2.9 in English."
"I did similar to you."
"I got a 3.4 this semester."
"If I didn’t get the C+ in Biology, my GPA would have been awesome this semester."
"My grades were ok."
"I did average this quarter."
"My accum is 3.6 right now. I really want to get over 3.75."
"My overall GPA is 2.94. I need to get a 3.4 next semester to bring my GPA above 3.0."
"My GPA sucks."

 "I did pretty well this semester."

مکالمه در مورد کلاس های دانشگاه

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University Classes – Interactive Practice


در زیر مکالماتی در مورد بخش هایی که قبلا کار کرده ایم آورده ایم

مکالمات در مورد کلاس های دانشگاه



A: “Hey John, did you register for classes yet?”
B: “I register this Friday.”
A: “What classes do you plan on taking?”
B: “I really want to take the communication class, but I don’t know if it will be available.”
A: “Is that class really that popular?”
B: “Yeah. I tried to get in last semester, but it was full by the time I registered.”
A: “What other classes are you going to take?”
B: “I still need to take English 201, but I really don’t like writing.”
A: “I took that class already. There is a lot of writing, but it’s not that bad.”
B: “Oh really? Who was the instructor? There are like 4 different instructors to choose from.”
A: “I had Professor Mahoney.”
B: “Is he an easy grader?”
A: “I’m not sure if he is or not, but I thought he was definitely fair.”
B: “Do you mind if I ask you what you got?”
A: “Not at all. I got a 3.8.”
B: “Well, what did you get in English 101 last year?”
A: “I got a 4.0 in that class.”
B: “Well, I can’t compare to you. I got a 3.1 in English 101. That means if you got a lower grade in English 201, it must be harder.”
A: “It’s not what it appears. I actually tried harder in the 101 class. If I put as much effort into the 201 class, I would have received the same grade.”
B: “Oh. That helps. Thanks.”


A: “Hey Mike. I forgot about registration. I’m a day late, so all the classes are mostly full. What do you think I should do?”
B: “You’re screwed. You can’t do anything about that. You have to hope that you get some classes that will be useful.”
A: “Do you think going to the registration building will help at all.”
B: “No. They will tell you the same thing in a worse way.”
A: “Did you register yet?”
B: “Of course. Registering for classes is not something you want to miss.”
A: “What classes do you think are still open?”
B: “Well, I know psychology 101 is a big class, so there will always be seats in that class. You can also get into Sociology.”
A: “That’s helpful. Thanks. But what do you think about philosophy. I wanted to take that class this semester.”
B: “I took that class last year. The professor is really cool, so if you go to his office, you can have him sign a card that will let you in even if the class is full.”
A: “He does that?”
B: “I guess that’s because so many people drop out of that class.”
A: “That makes sense. I think I’ll do that. Thanks for all the help.”
B: “No problem man.”


A: “Did you get your grades yet?”
B: “Yeah. My whole GPA is screwed up now.”
A: “Why? What happened?”
B: “Well, I bombed my econ final and ended up with a 1.7.”
A: “Ouch. You must be very disappointed.”
B: “Well, it’s my fault because I didn’t study as much as I should have.”
A: “Why don’t you re-take the class next year?”
B: “That’s what I plan on doing unless I keep screwing up. How did you do this semester?”
A: “I didn’t do that well either. I ended up with a 3.2 this semester. That drops my total GPA to 3.45.”
B: “My GPA is pretty similar to yours. I have a 3.1 now because of the stupid econ class.”
A: “What was your GPA before this semester?”
B: “I was sitting happy with a 3.4.”
A: “Why did it go down so much?”
B: “Let’s just say I screwed up more than my econ class.”
A: “What happened to you?”
B: “I started playing StarCraft and ended up wasting a lot of time.”
A: “You better stop slacking off.”
B: “You’re right. I’m not going to play games during school anymore.”


A: “Did you ever take History 231?”
B: “Yeah. Last semester.”
A: “Who was the professor?”
B: “It was Professor Johnson.”
A: “I have him this semester. What do you think about him?”
B: “He's a terrible instructor and demands a lot, but fortunately, he's an easy grader.”
A: “What did you end up getting?”
B: “I got an A-. Sounds good, but none of my test scores were that high, so I don’t know how I got a decent grade.”
A: “That’s probably because he grades on a curve.”
B: “Are you enjoying the class so far?”
A: “I hate it and I was about to withdrawal. But after hearing your experience, I think I will tough it out.”
B: “Yes. Definitely stay in the class. You will get a better grade than your test scores. He does that deliberately to make all the students study a lot.”
A: “Thanks for letting me know. I feel relieved now.

A: “Hi Mark.”
B: “Oh, hi Stacy.”
A: “How was your summer vacation?”
B: “I worked over the summer at a restaurant. Have to make tuition money right? What did you do?”
A: “I took summer school. I withdrew from two of my classes last year so I wanted to make them up.”
B: “So are you officially a junior now?”
A: “Yeah. And I have 5 credits to spare. I only needed to take 10 credits over the summer, but I took 15 because the price was the same.”
B: “That makes sense. So where is Nicole?”
A: “She dropped out of school completely.”
B: “Really? Why?”
A: “She worked at a startup company as an intern and since the business did well, they asked her if she wanted to work full time.”
B: “Wow. She’s so lucky. She doesn’t have a degree and she already has a job.”
A: “It sounds good now, but I’m traditional. I want the degree, so I wouldn’t have accepted the offer.”
B: “Do you know how much they are paying her?”
A: “I don’t know. But I bet it must have been a good offer, or she wouldn’t have accepted it.”


صحبت در مورد کلاس های دانشگاه _ انصراف از کلاس

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University Classes – Dropping Out / Withdrawa

انصراف از کلاس

وقتی از کلاس درسی انصراف می دهید می توانید از جملات زیر استفاده کنید


l "I dropped out of my chemistry class."
"I withdrew from my biology class."
"I had too many classes as it is, so I dropped out of my statistics class."
"I couldn’t keep up with the schedule, so I dropped out of that class."
"I couldn’t understand the material, so I withdrew."
"I hated the professor, so I just withdrew."


اگر بخواهید در مورد انصراف از کلاس  یا حذف واحد درسی سوال کنید سوالات زیر می تواند به شما کمک کند

"When is the last day to withdrawal?"
"If I withdrawal now, will it show up on my transcript?"
"Does a withdrawal look bad on the transcript?"
"How do I drop out of a class that I don’t want to take anymore?"
"What is the procedure to withdrawal from class?"
"How do I withdrawal from a certain class?"


موارد بیشتری که می توانید در مورد این موضوع بحث کنید را در زیر آورده ایم


"Are you sure you want to drop out of that class. You only have 4 more weeks. At least you can get the credit."
"If I stay in that class, I’m going to screw up my GPA."
"The best I can do is a C in this class. I don’t want a C on my transcript. I’m going to withdrawal from the class."
"If you get a bad grade, can’t you just re-take the course?"
"Even if I retake the course, both grades are used. This school has a different system where re-taking the course doesn’t really help."

صحبت در مورد امتحانات

نویسنده بازدید : 152 پنجشنبه 13 بهمن 1390 نظرات ()




در این بخش سوالاتی که معمولا در رابطه با امتحانات با آن برخورد می کنید را آورده ایم


اصطلاحاتی که با امتحان دادن مرتبطند

Take-home final
Research paper
Final paper
Open-book test/final




"How many tests did you have to take in your Math class?"
"What was the mid-term like?"
"How much percentage is the mid-term towards the final grade?"
"Do you have to write any papers in that class?"
"How many pages did you have to write for your essays?"
"Was the open-book exam hard?"
"How difficult was the take-home final?"
"Was the final exam short answer questions, or was it multiple choice?"
"Did you have any pop-quizzes in your geology class?"
"How much time did you get to write your research paper?"
"How often did you have a quiz?"
"What day did you take your final?"
"When did you take your final?"
"Are you done with your mid-terms?"
"When is finals week?"
"The syllabus for the econ class says you have six exams. What were they like?"
"How difficult is the mid-term for psychology 101?"

صحبت در مورد امتحا نات _ یافتن اطلاعات

نویسنده بازدید : 185 پنجشنبه 13 بهمن 1390 نظرات ()

Examinations – Finding Information


اطلاع یافتن در مورد چگونگی امتحان می تواند به آماده شدن برای آن کمک کند

درزیر نحوه اطلاع یافتن در مورد امتحان آورده شده است


"Does Professor Giles use old exam questions for his tests?"
"Can I borrow your old exams for Intermediate Accounting? I want to use the questions to test myself before the real exam."
"Do you know anybody who took Physics 340? I want to know the types of questions that were asked on the final."
"Do you think I need to study chapter 6 for the mid-term? It’s so boring, and I can’t seem to apply it anywhere."
"What topics did the professor cover the most in the final exam?"
"What were the long essay questions on?"
"Do you remember the long essay questions you had on the final?"
"I was thinking about buying the study supplement for the engineering class. Do you think it will help?"


جواب دادن به این سوالات ساده است نمونه ای از آن را آورده ایم


"How many tests did you have to take in your Math class?"
"We had a total of 4 tests in that math class." Or more simply, ‘۴ tests.’



"What was the mid-term like?"
"The mid-term was hard. If you read all the material, you will still have a hard time because the professor wrote up all the questions in a difficult way."



 نمونه های بیشتر

"How much percentage is the mid-term towards the final grade?"
"The instructor said it was twenty percent of our final grade."


"Do you have to write any papers in that class?"
"No. We only had one mid-term and one final."

"Yes. We had to write 2 essays for that class."


"How many pages did you have to write for your essays?"
"We had to write 5 pages for both essays.


"Was the open-book exam hard?"
"Most of the time, open-book exams are harder, but this one was really easy. All the questions were in the glossary so I found the answers quickly."


"How difficult was the take-home final?"
"It is easy that we have the material to look through, but it is very time consuming. I had to do an

all-nighter just to finish."


all_nighter = کسی که تمام شب را بیدار می ماند

"Was the final exam short answer questions, or was it multiple choice?"
"It was multiple choice."
"Neither. The exam had 2 long essay questions."


"Did you have any pop-quizzes in your geology class?"
"We had 3 pop-quizzes in that class. Luckily, only five percent counts toward the final grade."

"Fortunately we didn’t have any.""How much time did you get to write your research paper?"
"We had two months to write the research paper."


"How often did you have a quiz?"
"Once a week."


"What day did you take your final?"
"I took the final last Monday."
"I didn’t take it yet. I take the final tomorrow."


"The syllabus for the econ class says you have six exams. What were they like?"
"It was pretty easy because they only covered 2 chapters. If you keep up, then you shouldn’t have a hard time."


"Does Professor Giles use old exam questions for his tests?"
"He always creates new test questions so old ones will not help you."



"Can I borrow your old exams for Intermediate Accounting? I want to use the questions to test myself before the real exam."
"Sure, I have it in my dormitory. I’ll bring them tomorrow."
"He didn’t return the exams, so I don’t have them."


"What were the long essay questions on?"
"Both questions were on supply and demand. Make sure you know that stuff inside and out."


"I was thinking about buying the study supplement for the engineering class. Do you think it will help?"
"I highly recommend it. I didn’t have it for the first exam, and I got a B-. But after I studied with the supplement, I aced the next test."


صحبت در مورد هم اتاقی _خوابگاه

نویسنده بازدید : 162 پنجشنبه 13 بهمن 1390 نظرات ()

Roommate – Dormitory



صحبت کردن با هم اتاقی و دانستن عادت های همدیگر می تواند برای زندگی در کنار هم مفید باشد


 برای مثال هم اتاقی شما به طور معمول شب ها دیر می خوابد یا صبح ها زود بلند می شود نکته مهمی است    

"So, are you a night owl or a morning bird?"



همانطور که متوجه شده اید این جمله یک اصطلاح است شما می توانید از سوالات زیر نیز استفاده کنید

"Are you a night person or a morning person?"
"What time do you usually go to sleep?"
"What time do you usually wake up?"
"If you didn’t have anything to do the next day, what time would you sleep till?"


وقتی می خواهید بخوابید از جملات زیر می توانید استفاده کنید


"I’m a little tired. I’m going to sleep now. Have a good night."
"I’m sleepy. Time to go to bed. See you in the morning."


اگر دوست داشتید که آهنگ گوش کنید می توانید از سوالات زیر استفاده کنید


"Does the music bother you?"
"Let me know if you want me to turn the music off."
"Do you mind if I turn the stereo on?"

سوال وجواب در مورد هم خانه ای

نویسنده بازدید : 226 پنجشنبه 13 بهمن 1390 نظرات ()

Roommate – Apartment ,Questions and Answers

هم خانه ای


"What is the rent here?"
"How many people live in the apartment?"
"How many bedrooms does the apartment have?"
"How much is utilities?"
"Does the rent cover the utility bills?"
"Do you have any rules for living here?"
"Does it get loud in here?"
"What time do people usually go to sleep?"
"Do you hold any parties here?"
"How many people share the bathroom?"
"Do you have cable?"
"Do you have high speed Internet?"


جواب های معمول


"The rent is $1200, so you would only pay $400."
"This is a three bedroom unit, so you would be the third person."
"On average, utilities are about $125."
"The rent does not cover utilities. You would be responsible for 1/3 of the utilities."
"We are pretty quiet during the week days, but on the weekends, it can get a little loud."
"We have both cable and DSL here."

مکالمات مروری در مورد دانشگاه

نویسنده بازدید : 188 پنجشنبه 13 بهمن 1390 نظرات ()

College Related Topics Review – Interactive Practice


در این بخش برای تمرین بیشتر مکالمات دیگری را آورده ایم که موضوعات گذشته ای را که در مبحث مکالمات دانشگاهی بیان شده است را در بر می گیرد


A: “Hey John. I didn’t know you were coming to this school.”
B: “Yeah, what a coincidence. It’s good to see you.”
A: “It’s been a while hasn’t it?”
B: “What have you been up to?”
A: “Not much. Just school and stuff.”
B: “Where are you going now?”
A: “I’m going to the registration building to see if I can withdrawal from one of my classes.”
B: “Are you bombing the class or something?”
A: “Partially that, but mostly it’s a boring class and I am getting nothing out of it.”
B: “Where are you off to?”
A: “I finished class for today so I am meeting my girlfriend to watch a movie?”
B: “What are you watching?”
A: “The Lord of the Rings. I haven’t seen it yet. Have you?”
B: “Yeah, I saw that about a month ago. It was really good.”
A: “Don’t tell me anything about it. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.”
B: “No problem. Hey, what are you doing this weekend?”
A: “Nothing really. I was going to rent a video and just hang out at home.”
B: “My fraternity is going to have a party on Saturday night. Wanna come?”
A: “Hey, that sounds like fun. What fraternity are you in?”
B: “I’m over at the Delta Fraternity house.”
A: “Cool. Give me your number and I’ll call you Saturday.”
B: “It’s 206-555-1212.”
A: “Aright. I’ll see you on Saturday.”
B: “See you later.”

A: “You’re Jason right?”
B: “Yeah. Tom right?”
A: “Yeah. What’s going on?”
B: “Not much. Just hanging out. A bunch of guys are playing a game for shots.”
A: “You’re not playing?”
B: “I had enough to drink already.”
A: “I hear ya.”
B: “You in school or do you work?”
A: “I work at a marketing company. How about you?”
B: “I’m still in school. I have one more year left.”
A: “What are you majoring in?”
B: “I’m majoring in computer science.”
A: “Where do you want to work?”
B: “I would love to work at Microsoft. But it’s pretty tough to get in.”
A: “So I hear. So you come to this club often?”
B: “Every now and then. I usually hang out at Pioneer Square.”
A: “Yeah. That’s a cool place. There are a ton of bars to hit in that area.”
B: “Are you here with Mike?”
A: “No. Some of my work buddies. I haven’t seen Mike in a while now. Do you know what he is up to?”
B: “He’s going to grad school.”
A: “What a surprise. I didn’t know he was so studious.”
B: “Yeah. Surprised us all. Hey, I’m going to get another drink. You want one?”
A: “It’s aright. I still have to work on this one.”
B: “I’ll catch you later.”
A: “Aright man.”

A: “Hi. My name is Robert.”
B: “I’m John. It’s nice to meet you.”
A: “Do you know what this professor is like?”
B: “I have no idea. This is my first year.”
A: “You a freshman? Me too. Where are you from?”
B: “I’m from San Francisco.”
A: “I’ve been there a few times. It’s a great city.”
B: “Where are you from?”
A: “I grew up in this area all my life.”
B: “So you know where all the fun places to hang out right?”
A: “Yeah. The best place is over by the water. They have a lot of clubs and bars.”
B: “I drove by that area before. I didn’t know it was a college hang-out.”
A: “It gets pretty wild over there sometimes. You should go.”
B: “Sounds like a good idea. Do you know what you are majoring in yet?”
A: “Not yet. I’m leaning towards business, but that’s only if I can’t get into computer science. How about you?”
B: “I want to go to med school, so I’ll probably end up majoring in biology.”
A: “That’s cool.”
B: “Is the weather this bad all the time in the fall?”
A: “Yap. This is a typical autumn. It gets worse though. At least it’s not raining that much.”
B: “That sucks.”
A: “You’ll get used to it. In the meantime, you’ll have to watch a lot of movies. Seems like the only thing to do with the bad weather.”
B: “Too expensive. Can you believe how much movies cost these days?”
A: “Yeah. It’s crazy. It’s like 9 bucks a movie. I remember when it was half that.”
B: “Unless it’s a date, I’m not going to pay that much to watch a movie.”
A: “That makes sense.”
B: “Oh. The professor is coming. I’ll talk to you later.”
A: “Aright.”

A: “Yo Seth. Where do you want to go for lunch?”
B: “I thought we were going to the cafeteria.”
A: “I’m sick of school food. Let’s go to the teriyaki shop down the street.”
B: “That sounds good. Let’s go.”
A: “What did you do last weekend?”
B: “I was planning on golfing, but it rained on Saturday. I ended up being bored.”
A: “I should have called you. I was pretty bored on Saturday too. On Sunday I ended up watching TV all day.”
B: “That’s all I did too.”
A: “So any good plans this weekend?”
B: “I’m going to my parents on Sunday for lunch.”
A: “What are you doing Saturday?”
B: “I don’t know yet. Do you have anything going on?”
A: “I don’t either. We should do something.”
B: “What is there to do?”
A: “I think we are really boring people.”
B: “We need to find a hobby or something.”
A: “You wanna start working out?”
B: “You mean like lifting weights?”
A: “Yeah. I always wanted to, but it is hard to motivate myself. C’mon. We can get healthier and start looking better before summer comes.”
B: “Aright. Let’s give it a shot. Where at?”
A: “The IMA building. We have free access to gym as students.”
B: “Cool. Let’s start this Saturday.”
A: “Sweet.”


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